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How to see transactions

It all start by clicking on the transactions section on the main menu, this page will display a list of all the transactions generated by the deals created in the sales process.
Once on this page you’ll be able to click on a specific transaction and access the transaction’s profile page. Within this page you’ll see the following informations regarding the transaction.
General informations
Actual amount
Original amount
Sales informations
Payment plan: payment plan used to create the parent deal
Billing customer: customer who’s paying for the project
Project: a link to the project containing this transaction
Last update
Created date

Manually Processing a transaction

Once you’re in the transaction’s list page, select the transaction you want to process by clicking the raw displaying the transaction’s data. Then you’ll be presented with the transaction profile page.
To start processing this transaction you must click on the “Process transaction” button located on the upper right corner of your screen.
2. Clicking this button will open a modal where you’ll be able to select how do you want to process this transaction
Online: Using an available online payment method. I.e. The credit card stored as payment method for the deal.
Offline: Selecting an offline payment method means the payment was not processed by Kapi, it could be a payment done by Cash, cheque or interact transfer.

Online payment methods

If you select to process the transaction online, the site will preload the default payment method ( credit card) stored for this deal.
If the customer has more than one payment method enabled in Kapi, you’ll be able to select it from the Payment method dropdown field.
Select the payment method you want to use to process the transaction.
Enter a description of the payment if you want to keep a note of this payment.
Click the button “Process transaction”
This action will charge the payment method (credit card) associated with this transaction.
If the payment processing is successful you’ll see a notification indicating the transaction was successfully processed and the money was collected.
If the payment processing is not successful, you’ll see a notification indicating it was not possible to process the transaction.
After the transaction is successfully processed you’ll see the change in the status of the transaction and the history line added in the transaction history table.

Offline Payment methods

You should use this option to register a payment done by a customer using an offline payment method ( not processed by Kapi), like Cash, Cheques, Interact, bank transfer. In order to do so you must select the offline tab on the Processing transaction modal.
Once you’ve click on the “Offline tab” you’ll see the following options:
Cheque: use this option if the customer paid by cheque
Cash: use this option if the customer paid by cash
Interact: use this option if the customer paid by interact
Direct transfer: use this option if the customer paid by bank transfer.
Type the transaction ID, this will change depending the payment method selected.
Select the payment date
Once you click on this field, you’ll be prompted with a calendar where you’ll be able to select the exact date of the payment.
Click the button “Process transaction”
This action will mark the transaction as paid and will store the details of the offline payment entered within the process.

After processing a transactions, you’ll be able to see the details or results of the process within the transaction profile. In this profile located on the right side bar, you’ll be able to see:
The transaction status
The payment method used to pay the transaction
The payment date
All the information mentioned at the beginning of this page

How to refund a transaction

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