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Flexible Booking

Flexible booking works great for seasonal business, where the sales process takes place during the off season and the services are delivered later during the “Production season”,

How to use Flexible booking?

To use flexible booking you’ll need to consider 2 variables, Time and space. Time as of when the service is going to be delivered and space referring to where the service is going to be delivered. Combining these to variables you’ll be able to define your Service capacity per service area. (How many clients you can serve on a specific area during a specific time lapse )

Regions or service areas ( space)

Defining your regions is vital to use the flexible booking, if you haven’t seen how to do it please see this article first.

Setting up Time Frames ( Time)

As soon as you enable the flexible booking option, you’ll notice a section named Time frames under the Booking sub menu.

As the name suggests, Time frames are time periods that you will be able to create and manage in order to define service period, for instance a Service period could be the month of April, or first 15 day of May. On the following video we’ll explain how to set up time frames.


How to add pricing rules for a time frame?

If your business has a high season, it’s probable that most of your customers will want to be booked around the same date. With Kapi’s pricing rules you’ll be able to set an additional fee or discount to customers who chooses a specific date rage to receive their services.
On the video below you’ll see how to add a pricing rule to a timeframe.

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