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How to create a deal

It all starts with going to the Deals page, you will get to this page by clicking on the “Deals section” in the main menu. You’ll land on a page where all your deals will be listed. Once on this page you can click on the “Start Sale” button to start the sales process.

Next, you’ll be redirected to the Sales page where you’ll be able to enter all the needed data to create a new deal for your customer. This page contains a wizard that will guide you through several steps needed to complete the deal creation.
🤓 Importan tip: you will be able to navigate back and forward within these pages using the navigation bar located at the button of the page.
Restart: will erase all provided data and will allow you to restart the process
Back : will allow you to go back to previous page
Next: will allow you to move to the next step
Required fields should be completed.



Start typing your customer’s address in the Address field which will be a required field.
The system will auto-complete a list of addresses matching your input
Select the correct address
The system will auto-fill the address’s fields according to the selected address.
If needed you can complete the address by adding the apartment’s number
You can add a nickname to identify this address.
After you input all the desired data you can click on the Next Button.


This page will contain the questions selected as the associated characteristics, these questions will be created and customized by the support team according to your business model. The answers provided to these questions will allow Kapi to create automatic quotes depending on the selected quantities and services in the next pages. After filling the form you must click the Next button.


Provide the required information in terms of quantities, these questions will vary depending on your business model and your services. The answers provided in this screen in combination with the information provided in the information section, will be used to calculate which services will be available for the deal and their respective’s prices. Once you’ve entered all required information you can click on the next button.


This page will display a list of all the available services and bundles. Once in this page you’ll be able to select a combination of Bundles and services depending on your customer’s needs.
To select a bundle you can click anywhere within the area of the desired bundle, the clicked bundle will be selected and added to your cart.
To select a “À la carte service”
Select the desired service by clicking the checkbox
Input the desired quantity
If you input 2 in the quantity field this means the customer will get this service 2 times.
If a service has a Maximun quantity of 1, you will not be able to increase the quantity.
To remove a selected service from your list, you must click the service’s checkbox again.
At the bottom of the page you’ll see a summary of the selected services, subtotal, taxes and total amount to be charged for the services.
Once you’re ready with the services selection you can click on the next button.

Personal information

Provide your customer’s personal information in this page. These are the fields you will be able to input:
Customer’s first name *
Customer’s last name*
Customer’s Cellular*
Customer’s email*
Customer’s phone
After providing all the required fields you’ll be able to generate an estimation / quote.

Creating a quote

Generate an estimation: to obtain an estimation you must click on the “Obtain an estimation” button
Next, the system will generate a quote
After the quote is generated the system will prompt a modal with the following options
Preview PDF: will open the generated quote in another tab in a PDF modal
Send by mail: will send the generated quote to the customer via email.
You will be able to see a summary of the selected services on the right pane. You’ll find a button in the upper right corner which will allow you to edit your previous selection.
Click on the pencil icon (edit) and a modal will prompt showing the selected services
You will be able to modify the quantity of the À la carte services
You will be able to remove À la carte services by clicking on the erase icon 🗑️
After you make the desired modification you should click the Update basket button
Next, you’ll see a notification indicating the cart has been updated.
Once you finish reviewing / editing the informations and cart you can click on the next button.


In this section you’ll be able to leave any notes for the technicians who will be offering the service.
To leave a note input the desired text within the text area.
When ready click the Next button.
Please note you can edit your cart in this screen and on the following screens.

Payment plans

In this screen you’ll be able to select which payment plan will be applied to this deal.
To select a payment plan you must select one of the available options.
After selecting a payment plan, you’ll see a new information will be added at the bottom of the right pane.
A detail of the payments will be displayed.
After selecting the desired payment plan you can click on the Next button.

Payment details

In this screen you’ll be able to Select how the customer will pay for the selected services. You’ll have 2 options


The payment will be processed by Kapi, charging the customer’s credit card the selected amount.
Input the customer’s information that will be used for this deal.
The required informations are:
Credit card number
Expiry date
Credit card owner’s name
Once you’re ready to move forward, click on the next button.


They payment won’t be processed by Kapi, the customer will pay by cheque, cash, interact or Bank transfer. To select an offline payment method just click on this option.
Select the desired Offline payment method
Bank Transfer
Enter the description number according to the type of payment method selected
Click on the Terms & conditions button to proceed.


This page shows a summary of all the choices made during the process
Selected services
Selected payment plan
Taxes and total to pay.

Terms and condition & place order

In this page you should read and agree with the terms and conditions

To agree with the terms and conditions, click on the checkbox
After selecting the checkbox, the button “Invoice the first transaction” will be enabled
To process the transaction and generate the new deal you must click the button.
Once you’ve clicked on the button, the system will process the provided information and will generate the new deal.
If the selected payment plan requires a payment at the moment of signing the deal, this transaction will be processed in this moment.
After the deal is created, a modal will prompt showing 2 options
Open contract: to open the contract you should click on the provided button, this will open a PDF in a new tab containing the details of the deal just generated.
An email with the contract will be sent to the customer.
Restart: this option will allow you to restart all the data and make a new deal.

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