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Welcome to Kapi!

People frequently asks us what’s the easiest way to set up their Kapi account, we’ve put together a set of quick steps you should follow to start getting all the benefits Kapi has for you. Remember the key goal for this setup is to build your sales flow using Kapi, so before starting please have these 2 things at hand:
A list of the services you offer.
The informations you usually gather from your customers in order to provide them with a quote.
Highlight the informations that impact the price of the services.

3 easy steps to setup Kapi
Setup your business profile
Configure the CPQ
Set your questions & answers
Create your first product

Pricing & time modifiers
Personnalized terms and conditions
Custom payment plans

Quick setup for your account

1- Define your sales workflow

Let’s define your sales workflow, this step is pretty much like creating a form for your customers.
Now that you have at hand the informations that impact the price of your services, you need to write them in a question format. The answer to these questions will help you to setup your services prices later.
If you need help mapping this out don’t hesitate to with a Kapi expert .
Create your key questions using our located in the settings
Locate the Address model to add the questions that will create an impact on your services prices, normally questions related to the property receiving the service.
Locate the Contact model to add questions about your customer, the one paying for the service.
Locate the Project model to add questions about the service delivery or any specific regarding this project and not the whole customer or address.

2- Create your services

In Kapi services are named as Sales Catalog Items, and you’ll be able to create them by going to the settings menu and clicking on the Sales Catalog item.
Please if you need more information about the Sales catalog items and how to

3- Setup your Business information

Financial information: setup your bank account in order to be able to collect the payments processed through your Kapi account

4- Define

Payment plans will be useful if you plan to provide some flexibility to your customers on their payments for your services.

5- Start selling your services

With these 5 steps you should be on the way, we would love to show you more ways you can leverage your Kapi account and show you around the rest of the features you could use to boost your sales process.

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