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Company Account Settings

How to Get Started - Access Company Profile

It all starts by going to the Settings menu and clicking on the Company account option. Then you’ll land on the Company account page.
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Company’s Profile

You will land on Company’s profile page after clicking Company account. You can edit the fields automatically. You will need to provide all the information to be able to save this page, start with :
Business Name
Industry, select the industry your business belong to.
Business Address: once you start typing the system is going to provide a list of matching addresses and you can select your address from the list.
Postal Code
Contact information, this information will be presented in your quotes and services contracts, you will need to provide:
Phone Number

Contact Information

Provide your company’s email
Fill in your company’s phone number
Fill in your website URL, please include the http:// format.
Add your social media profile usernames and link to your profile
Once you’ve provided all the data click save.
You’ll see a green notification saying your data has been saved.


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