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What are regions?

Regions is a setting that will allow you to specify on which areas your services will be available to your customers. Setting up boundaries is important, as a business owner you probably have identified some areas where you won’t offer your services and the ones you’re willing to serve.

Creating my Regions

The first step to create you Regions is going to “Google My Maps’ a free tool from google that will let you easy mark your service areas. The video below will show you how to access the tool, create your services areas and export them as a KML file.

Importing my Regions

After creating your My maps file, you can go to you Kapi’s settings and locate the Regions option under the Company’s sub menu. The firs time you see this page you’ll see a message saying “No region has been imported yet”.
Just click the “Import Regions file” button
Select the file you just downloaded from Google my Maps
Click import the regions
Your regions will be created within Kapi.

Viewing your regions

You can view your regions at any time just by going back to the Regions page, you’ll se a list of all the regions you imported from Google My Maps.

Adding pricing rules based on the customer’s address.

You might want to add an extra fee for customers outside of your normal service zone, with Kapi you can set specific pricing rules based on your customer’s address and cover the extra transportation costs.


Updating your Regions

You can also update your regions at any time, just go back to the region’s page click on the import file button and select the new file that you want to import.
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