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To receive payment directly on the platform via credit card (and soon via pre-authorized debit payment), you have to enable KapiPay.
Kapi uses Stripe to enable, under the hood, this very efficient and natural way of collecting payment directly on your personnalized checkout. If you are curious to know more about the technology, please follow this link : .
To enable KapiPay, you need to provide 3 things
Bank information
Company owner
Company information

Bank Information

Bank account details

this is the account where the funds coming from your business transactions will be routed to.
Institution Number
Transit Number
Account Number


Main Contact

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth

Company’s information

Suport phone & email

Phone number
Email address

Company’s account

Name: insert your company’s legal name
Business type: select your business type
Government entity
Non profit
Email: This might be different from your support email.
Account description: input a brief description of the account purposes.
URL: Insert your website’s URL, please include the http://.
If you don’t have a website you can insert your Kapi URL:

Company’s legal informations

Company’s Identification number: enter your business ID
NE In Québec, “NE” is a 9 digit numerical identifier assigned to each company that registers with the Business Registry. It is the name numerical identifier as the TPS tax.
NEQ In Québec, NEQ is a 10 digit numerical identifier assigned to each company that registers with the Business Registry.
Address: start typing your address and the system will suggest an exact match, just select the right address from our suggestions.
you can modify any field as desired.
Additional information: fill if you need to add anything else like a license number on your service field.
If filled this information will be shown in your contracts.

Once you’ve filled all the required fields, you click on the “save” button, the success tooltip will be displayed at the top and your information will be saved.

Changing bank account

You can change the main account through the Financial Informations page. You can do so by clicking on the Financial Informations page on the left menu.
Once you’re on the financial’s information page click on enable field under the bank information:
The fields will become editable
Change the information as needed
Click the save button at the end of the page
This will change the account that will act as a recipient of funds coming from the online transactions processed by Kapi.

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